SEA Group

Based on the forty year agreement signed in 2001 with ENAC, the SEA Group (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali) manages the Milan airport system. The parent company, SEA S.p.A., is a share capital company, incorporated and with registered office in Italy.

SEA and the Group's companies manage and develop the airports of Milano Malpensa 1 and Milano Malpensa 2,  as well as Milano Linate. 

Airport System

The Airport system managed by the SEA Group is comprised of:

  • the Milano Malpensa airport, situated about 48 km from Milan and connected to the main cities of Northern Italy and Switzerland. This airport includes two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal;
  • The Linate airport, about 8 km from Milan, is the European airport closest to the city centre of reference. The airport serves a frequent flyer clientèle travelling to particularly appealing domestic and international EU destinations.

Activities and services

At the two airports, the Group offers:

  • all services and activities related to the arrival and departure of aircraft;
  • management of the airport safety;
  • passenger and cargo handling;
  • continuous development of commercial services for passengers, operators and visitors.

The SEA group is also committed to the production of electrical and thermal energy for sale to external markets, after meeting the needs of its airports.

The ID card of the Group

Incorporation 22 May 1948
Main office Aeroporto Milano Linate - 20090 Segrate (MI)
Registration number in the Registry of companies of Milan 00826040156
Share capital € 27,500,000
N. of Group employees 2016
Total revenue 2016
700.1 million euro
Net profit 2016
93.6 million euro
Passengers 2016
29.0 million euro
Air traffic 2016
285.4 thousand
Cargo traffic 2016
549.4 thousand (tons)