Mission and values

The SEA Group mission is to create value for all parties directly involved in the Group business.

The SEA Group mission is to create value for all parties directly involved in the Group business: shareholders, customers and employees.

This objective is pursued through the offer of services and solutions to meet the growing demands of a market comprising multiple entities including passengers, airlines, airport operators and commercial partners, operating on Malpensa and Linate airports.

The airport infrastructures managed by SEA guarantee aircraft access towards major international destinations to a multitude of users operating in a catchment area that is amongst the most developed in Europe. The aim is to provide a point of reference for the growth of the economy and territory of the whole of Northern Italy.

The services provided by the SEA Group are guaranteed by the management and development of safe, avant-garde infrastructures. The social growth of the reference community and environmental protection are considered essential.

Creating value through values

SEA Group abides by strict observance of the law, by adopting fair competitive practices and respecting the legitimate interests of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, institutions and organizations.

For the complexity of the situations in which SEA is operating, each corporate behavior is constantly recalled to full adherence to the following values, as they arise from the corporate Code of Conduct:


Ensuring compliance with the law and regulations and where laws are non-existing or inadequate, adopting practices that draw inspiration from a personal sense of responsibility.


Providing the company's partners with access to the information that is necessary to conform - and make transparent - their behaviour within the market and with the company.


Making decisions and managing processes on the basis of assessments drawn from objective and verifiable data.

Giving priority to the pursuit of synergy and common paths, within the company's community and in the relationships with the external stakeholders, through consistent and constructive dialogue and exchange of views.


Applying criteria of fair treatment under equal conditions and valuing fairness as one of the principles on which to base the verification system of the decision-making processes.

Professional rigour

Adjusting to changes and directing all processes toward a sustainable development by cultivating the excellency of its own human resources and by applying the value thus generated to all its relationships with the stakeholders.