A strategy for the development of each activity sector: this is how the SEA Group maintains a leading role in every area.

The SEA Group strategy is to create value for all parties directly involved in the Group business: shareholders, customers and employees. This objective is pursued through the offer of services and solutions to meet the growing demands of a market comprising multiple entities including passengers, airlines, airport operators and commercial partners, operating on Malpensa and Linate airports.

The airport infrastructures managed by SEA guarantee aircraft access towards major international destinations to a multitude of users operating in a catchment area that is amongst the most developed in Europe. The aim is to provide a point of reference for the growth of the economy and territory of the whole of Northern Italy.

 The services provided by the SEA Group are guaranteed by the management and development of safe, avant-garde infrastructures. The social growth of the reference community and environmental protection are considered essential.

Corporate profile

On the basis of the forty-year agreement signed by SEA and Enac in 2001, the SEA Group manages Malpensa and Linate airports through a balanced, diversified system of airport capacity:

  • Milano Malpensa Terminal 1,devoted to business and leisure customers on national, international and intercontinental routes, with areas allocated to scheduled and charter air carriers;
  • Milano Malpensa Terminal 2, devoted to the higher end of low cost traffic;
  • Milano Malpensa Cargo, infrastructure supporting cargo transport, enabling more than 500,000 tonnes of cargo to be managed each year;
  • Milano Linate, airport serving a frequent flyer clientèle on high appeal domestic and intra-EU international flights.

The airport system managed by the SEA Group is amongst the top ten managers in Europe in terms of traffic volume, both in the passenger segment and in the cargo segment; in Italy it comes in a respective second and first place in these business areas. More specifically, Milano Malpensa Cargo moves more than 50% of national cargo traffic.

The airports managed by the Group are connected to an extensive road and railway network that continues to expand and guarantees around 14 million people access in reasonable time, in line with that of the major European international airports. Moreover, current work in progress on the road and rail networks will enable the reference basin of its airports to be extended to more than 20 million people.

The SEA Group companies guarantee all services connected with airport management, including the arrival and departure of aircraft, airport safety management and passenger and cargo handling services, in addition to a range of commercial services on offer to airport operators and users.

Through SEA Energia, the Group also produces both electricity and thermal energy intended to cover the demands of the airports and be sold to third parties.