Initiatives and projects


“Effective and Inclusive Leadership” in part continues on from the work that began last year on female leadership, this time involving men and women with the aim of establishing an effective new style together.
The presentation sought to develop and promote a culture of “natural” integration between the sexes, making it possible to work on new methods for implementing leadership and strengthening development processes, also thanks to a network of external partners.
The topics chosen for the workshops made it possible to express gender differences more clearly while offering new ideas for the construction of a culture of inclusiveness: Envy, Power, Presence, Networking.
Every issue was addressed from different viewpoints:
• the cultural meaning of the concepts considered
• individual perspective
• organisational diagnosis
• managerial style


“Looking Beyond” is an SEA project designed to increase the innovative potential of younger workers to help their integration in the company.
SEA felt it was important to create a reference community that feels acknowledged and legitimised in its proactive actions to foster internal growth and knowledge-sharing paths, enabling the “under 35s” to acquire all the basic skills they need for a future managerial role.
The process involves different steps:
• enjoy the stories - be inspired and influenced by stories about different worlds
• build the base - acquire and strengthen your skills
• discover new jobs - get to know and explore the SEA roles
• innovate the world - inspire in order to help foster change
• experience the world around you - experience the process of creation and innovation by enjoying a day “outdoors”
• support your vision - coaching to work on personal goals


“The value of Security” dedicated to professionals in the Security area: Shift Managers, Supervisors, Workers.
The goals of the presentation included:
• improving the supervision of the role
• being more attentive and effective in customer relations without ever losing sight of security rules and regulations
• understanding and guiding motivation
• increasing the visibility of the value of the security professional
The training course involved both classroom sessions and online interaction in the dedicated community on a social platform.


“Yes I Care”, a presentation dedicated to people that carry out customer care activities in the call centres and at the information desks, was organised with the following aims:
• to increase organisational wellbeing when performing your job,
• to develop a multicultural approach
• to recognise and spread best practices
• to develop the ability to instil a “value” relationship with passengers, improving their perception of the quality of the service offered and their airport experience.