Training and development

SEA has always paid special attention to Education and Training, well aware that education is essential to improving personnel’s professional proficiency.  Besides the objective of providing professional and management education, SEA also guarantees mandatory and qualifying education which allows its own personnel and other airport operators to operate in compliance with the many laws governing airport matters.

The Team

The Education staff can count on a dedicated team tasked with planning and organising educational modules consistent with the competences development plans, compliant with current legislation, legislative decrees and EEC regulations.

The Team of instructors is made up of professionals with special expertise, aimed at the many sectors of today’s airport undertakings’ complexity.

Within the Team, versatility and transversality of the people contribute to achieving company goals. The instructors’ education, in agreement with current legislative provisions, is subject to timely and ongoing professional updating.

Linate and Malpensa Education and Training Centres

The structures dedicated to education are organised at both Linate and Malpensa, in order to face the educational requirements of personnel at both airports. Some of the mandatory educational courses concerning airport safety and workplace safety are also available, on request, to the other Linate and Malpensa airport operators.

Centro Formazione

The figures

  • 18 classroom teachers and field instructors
  • Two fully equipped education centres dedicated to education and training
  • Over 45.210 hours of education provided
  • More than 80,948 training hours delivered to group companies and other airport operators
  • With a total of 126,158 hours

Airport security area

Security Awareness Training courses, mandatory for operators entering the airport world and for personnel undergoing routine training. The instructors are certified to perform the Safety National Programme, compliant with the provision of Regulation EC 185 of 04/03/2010 and Art.4 of Regulation EC 300 of 11/03/2008.

Types of courses most in demand include: 

  • Course A 13: initial course for personnel other than passengers who must access airside areas
  • Course A 13: refresher course for personnel other than passengers who must access airside areas
  • Course A 15: initial course for air carrier and/or handler personnel who require general security awareness training
  • Course A 15: refresher course for air carrier and/or handler personnel who require general security awareness training

Airport Safety area

Airport Licence courses as required for electric vehicles and motor vehicles circulating inside the airport. As provided by chapter 10 of ENAC Regulation for Airport Construction and Management,the Airport Manager issues the “Authorisation to Drive in the traffic area”. The process aimed at issuing such authorisation is marked by criteria of transparency and fairness. SEA Training, framed on the programme approved by ENAC, offers full training, covering both theory and practice, to prepare for the final exam. This service is available to all Group personnel and other agencies that intend to operate inside the Malpensa and Linate airports. In accordance with ENAC Ordinance and Airport Regulations in force, applicants for an Airport Driving Licence must enrol in the appropriate course and register for the test. To renew the licence, applicants must register for the test.

Dangerous Goods Regulations courses and Human Factor courses, in compliance with IATA legislation, for personnel in charge of front line and air side.

Workplace Safety area

The commitment in terms of workplace safety is indeed strongly felt. Following the introduction of Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 provisions, throughout 2012 all company employees participated in special refresher training events and in-depth studies.

at Title I paragraph III Articles 12 and 13 (confirmed by the new Legislative Decree 81/08) establishes that the Employer is required to organise fire prevention and evacuation of employees from the workplace, and to identify among its own staff the Agents in charge of handling the Emergencies.
Ministerial Decree D.M. 10/03/1998 indicates the prevention and protection systems’ required technical specifications, and the related education and training programmes for agents in charge of handling the Emergencies.

SEA enriches its training offer in Low, Medium and High Risk Fire-fighting Training with the inclusion of refresher fire-fighting courses for personnel already high-risk certified, at the Campo Prove of the Malpensa Education and Training Centre.

The company’s Field Testing is now fully part of the training path that consists in theory and practice steps, with classroom lessons and practical tests held by the Linate and Malpensa SEA teachers, jointly with specialised personnel. The path ends with the final exam before a Fire Department special commission, which awards the “Fire Prevention” technical qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The service is dedicated to the SEA Group personnel and is open on request to all other concerned Companies.

How to reach and contact the Training and Educational Centers

  • Click here if you are interested to enroll in the PNS;
  • Click here if you are interested to enroll in the Airport Driving License;
  • Click here if you are interested to enroll in the PRM - Passengers with Reduced Mobility.