Skilled Jobs

SEA believes that in our time having a skilled job is a valuable “resource”.

Skilled jobs are indeed the result of experience and expertise that grow and consolidate day after day, enriching the person who possesses them and the Company they work with.

Our professional system is made up of a map of 133 Skilled Jobs grouped in 27 Professional Families.

This jobs map is a useful tool to understand the expertise needed to improve one’s own skills and understand the specific expertise of one’s co-workers. This tool also allows SEA to value the professionalism of its people and identify suitable refresher and educational interventions, at the individual level or companywide.

The following types of expertise have been identified for each job:

  • work processes
  • technical experience
  • skills

The jobs catalogue is available on the company Intranet and allows everyone to understand the meaning and the map of the professional framework.

Here are some of the skilled jobs included in the professional framework that better represent the airport sector:

  • Airport Security Agent
  • VIP Client Assistant
  • Passenger with ReducedMobility Assistant