Sustainability management

The governance of sustainable development projects and decisions within SEA is the responsibility of the Sustainability Committee.

Committee membership

Members of the Sustainability Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis, include:

  • the Chief Corporate Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial and Risk Officer, and the heads of the following functions:
  • Administration, Tax and Credit Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • SEA and SEA Handling Workplace Safety and Prevention & Protection Service
  • Customer Care
  • Environment and Airport Safety
  • Finance, Risk Management & Investor Relations
  • Infrastructure
  • Operations
  • Human Resources & Organisation
  • Planning & Control
  • External Relations

Committee functions

  • to propose guidelines to senior management for the development, implementation and monitoring of sustainability policies to be integrated into the SEA Group business model;
  • within the scope of the approved guidelines, to oversee the reasoned mapping of the main stakeholders and propose objectives and methods by which to involve them in defining or implementing corporate policies;
  • to ensure the development of synergies between the initiatives of the competent departments set up for or relevant to the achievement of sustainability objectives;
  • to set up an integrated reporting model on sustainability performance (including the Sustainability Report) in line with the identified objectives and maximising synergy with already existing information and operational flows, and to oversee its functioning; to monitor trends in the Company’s sustainability performance indicators, and recommend corrective actions if applicable.