Covid-19: fly safe


    A new normal
    Sanificazione quotidiana all'aeroporto di Malpensa

    A new normal, to protect your health and safety

    Since the outbreak of the pandemic – with quickness and flexibility – we have adapted our airports to a new way of travel and to new passenger needs, which are increasingly health conscious.

    Since then, we have implemented all necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus: social distancing, reorganisation of passenger flows, temperature checks, cleaning and sanitizing of terminals and all surfaces frequently in contact with passengers, distribution of face masks and hand sanitizers, and the recirculation of air conditioning and ventilation.

    We are ready to take off, with a focus on the health of our passengers, always putting their safety first.



    Our commitment, our response

    In response to the health emergency, we have taken steps to guarantee the safety of employees and passengers and, at the same time, to protect the economic and financial balance of our Group. On 1 March 2020, a Crisis Committee - which later became the Covid Action Group – was established with the aim of coordinating crisis management, taking timely action and monitoring subsequent phases.

    Actions taken for employees, customers and suppliers

    Actions taken for employees, customers and suppliers

    • Temperature checks at the terminal entrance.
    • Increase in airport cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Change in airport paths and the number of seats available, as well as the introduction of procedures to ensure social distancing (e.g. “Keep your distance” floor stickers).
    • Installation of protective plexiglass screens at all counters.
    • Installation of hand sanitizer dispensers.
    • Copper coating of the most exposed surfaces, due to its antiviral properties.
    • Introduction of CT scanners, Face Boarding check-in, UV-C lights and automated systems to facilitate checks, sanitation and airport accessibility.
    • Launch of an information campaign on the measures adopted and how to act at the airport.
    • Adoption of relief measures for commercial partners.
    • Measures to protect the health of employees, such as: free screening, antibody and molecular testing, flu vaccination campaign, insurance coverage in case of a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.
    • Participation in a multicentre medical research project, approved by the Insubria Ethics Committee, aimed at testing and validating the use of Rapid Saliva Tests to detect the virus. 
    Voli Covid-free
    Aeroporto Milano Malpensa

    Certifications achieved

    The Milan airports achieved important certifications for their commitment to health and adoption of safety measures:

    • Hygiene Synopsis, issued by TÜV SUD and implemented in accordance with the main international aviation recommendations, including ICAO, EASA, and ACI EUROPE.
    • Airport Health Accreditation issued by Airports Council International, the association representing airports around the world.
    • ACI World’s Voice of the Customer, an initiative awarding airports that made listening to their passengers a priority during the pandemic.



    Digitisation and touchless technology

    The pandemic has accelerated the digitisation of airport processes and operations, already underway at Malpensa and Linate prior to the health emergency. In fact, for years we have been investing in innovation and have introduced cutting-edge technologies at our airports, which not only speed up operations, but also guarantee less contact with surfaces for an increasingly touchless, immediate and safe travel experience.

    At Linate, after the introduction of Face Boarding – a biometric facial recognition system that makes it possible to board without showing documents – we installed new machines with CT technology for cabin baggage screening. This avoids having to open luggage to remove liquids, gels, computers and tablets at security checks. In addition to greater effectiveness in terms of security, waiting times, gatherings and contact with surfaces are reduced. At Malpensa, the self bag drop allows you to independently drop off hold luggage without the assistance of ground staff. Finally, at both airports we have coated the most exposed surfaces to human contact with copper, known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

    Technology systems to speed up travel while protecting the health and safety of our passengers.









    Flexibility and quickness
    Flessibilità e tempestività

    Flexibility and quickness in airport operations

    Since March 2020, we have been changing the operational structure of our airports to constantly adapt to the epidemiological trend.

    The drastic reduction of air traffic during the outbreak of the pandemic resulted in the closure of Milan Linate and Terminal 1 at Milan Malpensa, where Terminal 2 remained operative. With the arrival of summer and the resumption of travel, the two closed facilities reopened, while Malpensa Terminal 2 was – and still is – closed.

    The health emergency forced us to rethink passenger flows and paths inside the airports to guarantee social distancing and limit the spread of the virus.



    Cargo always on the move

    Unlike air passenger transport, the cargo sector never stopped operating. During the spring 2020 lockdown, Milan Malpensa Cargo City was the reference hub for the importation of anti-Covid equipment and the only Italian gateway for the international air cargo of non-humanitarian goods.

    In the second half of 2020 – especially after the opening of the new DHL Southern Europe and Mediterranean hub – the dynamic of freight traffic recorded was in net contrast with passenger traffic. Milano Malpensa Cargo has once again confirmed its leadership in the Italian air cargo sector.

    Il cargo non si ferma mai
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