Sea Insight

Sea InSight promotes innovation through the involvement of a team of colleagues responsible for defining and encouraging the adoption of innovative ideas, thanks to a shared vision and a structured method, with the generous contribution of other corporate functions.

The SEA InSight project is a tool for accelerating change, through an innovation pathway that can impact on processes, technologies and in general on our way of doing business.

The working group uses a rigorous method to design real prototypes that can be developed and adopted by the various functions to spread "made in SEA" innovation.

SEA InSight adopts an agile three-phase model, from design to generating ideas and prototypes, guaranteeing results in terms of quality and maximising the project's added value.

The team is supported by Cefriel, a company owned by the Politecnico di Milano and specialised in digital innovation projects, aimed at bridging the gap between the world of university and the world of business, and which acts as an observatory on innovation issues.

One of the SEA InSight projects

In line with SEA's green policies, the first prototype to be produced is SPLiT - Separating Plastic and Liquids at the Terminal. Installed at Terminal 1 in Malpensa and at the Linate terminal, the solution allows departing passengers to empty their bottles of water or other residual liquids into special containers and put the plastic in a compactor.


Alzare lo Sguardo

Alzare lo sguardo (Looking Up) is a project born from SEA's desire to facilitate integration into the company and amplify the innovative potential of new colleagues as part of a structured onboarding process. SEA believes it is important to create a professional community among young new recruits, to encourage internal growth and inter-disciplinary career paths, allowing young new colleagues to develop skills and experience useful for their professional growth.

The pathway involves several steps:

  • enjoy the stories - being inspired and infected by stories from different worlds 
  • build the base - acquiring and strengthening 
  • skills discover new job - learning about and exploring SEA roles 
  • innovate the world - generating inspiration to co-create 
  • change experience the world around you - experiencing the process of creation and innovation while enjoying an outdoor day 
  • support your vision coaching to work on personal goals

The first edition was attended by 43 young colleagues, with the pathway lasting one year.

Mind The Future

Mind The Future is the envisioning laboratory designed by SEA to explore the evolutionary scenarios of the aviation industry up to 2030, in order to support strategic planning processes and equip the company to face the changes. Various teams of young SEA managers work, supported by tutors, to analyse and define scenarios relating to macro thematic areas that characterise the air transport industry. Through interactive workshops, a digital platform created ad-hoc to ensure a constant exchange between participants, experts and other external stakeholders, participants work on three macro objectives: 

  • Designing an evolutionary scenario for the airport industry to be made available to SEA's strategic planning process
  • Fostering an inter-departmental and multi-disciplinary mindset for approaching problems and collaborative working practices between company units
  • Setting up a group of SEA pioneers that opens the way for dialogue and involvement of stakeholders through digital sharing platforms

In order to grasp the emerging trends of change and fuel transformation within the corporate culture, we work on three main capabilities:

  • Systemic vision
  • Internal engagement on key objectives
  • Culture of challenge