Considering the airport business scenario, academics, managers and business analysts agree that the business environment is characterized by a significant degree of turbulence, exponentially grown over the past 20-30 years.

The level of uncertainty of SEA operating context derives from the deep interrelations with the macroeconomic framework, from the low managerial freedom degree due to the pervasiveness of the legislative framework and, more generally, from the high degree of interrelation with the other players involved.

SEA is aware that the pursuit of its business affects choices, utilities, preferences and objectives of the other socio-economic players involved in the same context and, of course, the latter are able to exercise as much influence on SEA conduction of business.


In a highly complex and interdependent business system, SEA believes it must define its development guidelines no longer and not only anchoring its choices and decisions to the usual spectrum of procedural, regulatory, technical and economic variables.

Today it is no longer possible to speak merely of “evolution” in organizational life.

Evolution, in this respect, does not sit out of context. It is necessary to refer to the idea of co-evolution and to the potential emerging from interaction with stakeholders.