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The ADDPRIV project aims at acquiring new knowledge of and further developing the storage and control of the data obtained from the surveillance system and the multicamera network operating at the Linate airport and at the infrastructure of another European transport operator in order to make them more compliant with the rights and privacy of citizens using the services.

ADDPRIV aims at determining and storing, in a precise and reliable manner, all video data obtained from the surveillance of some airport areas by proposing solutions for the automatic discrimination of the data recorded in a multi-camera network and concerning a person whose suspicious behaviours may trigger situations of alert (the relevant data will be represented by video scenes showing suspicious behaviour of individuals within the context of an "intelligent surveillance"), but also guaranteeing the automatic extraction of images recorded before and after the suspicious event, throughout the entire surveillance network.

Within the scope of the project, in which SEA and a group of European universities are participating, some algorithms will be developed for the automatic browsing, identification and retrieval of images of suspicious individuals to be applied to real life scenarios. These solutions will enable to distinguish between pertinent and non-pertinent data and images by setting up different levels of data storage and management. The solutions for accessing data and securely removing non-relevant video files, will be developed according to the highest security standards.  

Further more, ADDPRIV aims at providing adequate tools in order to limit the display and storage of unnecessary sensitive information concerning citizens who are in compliance with the law.

The solutions validated by the project will be validated again on the basis of criteria and parameters determined by experts in the field of social and ethical issues in order to develop a surveillance system that is effective and at the same time fully compliant with the privacy of the citizenry. ADDPRIV aims also at contributing to the definition of European standards as regards the use of these types of monitoring and safety systems.