Economic data   2021 2020 restated (1) 2020
Revenues thousands of Euro 348,981 275,539 286,034
EBITDA (2) thousands of Euro 31,741 (31,051) (26,561)
EBIT thousands of Euro (80,794) (134,814) (133,077)
Pre-tax result thousands of Euro (100,971) (164,074) (163,111)
Group Net Result thousands of Euro (75,119) (128,576) (128,576)
Balance sheet data   2021   2020
Net capital employed thousands of Euro 810,772   857,962
Group Shareholders' equity thousands of Euro 155,906   231,208
Net financial debt (3) thousands of Euro 654,835   626,726

(1) Following the application of IFRS 5, the 2020 restated income statement does not include the figures of SEA Energia SpA, which are recorded in the line “Net result from assets held for sale”. The balance sheet figures for the comparative year at December 31, 2020, as required by the application methods of IFRS 5, do not show any distortions, due to the discontinuity in the consolidation of SEA Energia Spa, compared to those approved by the Shareholders' Meeting of July 29, 2021.

(2) EBITDA is calculated as the difference between total revenues and total operating costs, not including provisions and write-downs, restoration and replacement provisions and amortisation & depreciation.

(3) Net financial debt or Net financial position (NFP) is the sum of liquidity, financial receivables and current securities, net of financial payables (current and non-current) and the fair value of financial debt hedging derivatives.