Revenues thousands of Euro 767,516 348,981
EBITDA (1) thousands of Euro 290,249 31,741
EBIT thousands of Euro 199,500 (80,794)
Pre-tax result thousands of Euro 199,572 (100,971)
Net result from assets held-for-sale thousands of Euro (3,960) 2,100
Group Net Result thousands of Euro 182,460 (75,119)
FINANCIAL DATA   2022 2021
Net capital employed thousands of Euro 731,037 810,772
Group Shareholders' equity thousands of Euro 342,836 155,906
Net financial debt (2) thousands of Euro 388,170 654,835


(1) EBITDA is calculated as the difference between total revenues and total operating costs, not including provisions and write-downs, restoration and replacement provisions and amortisation & depreciation.

(2) Net financial debt or Net financial position (NFP) is the sum of liquidity, financial receivables and current securities, net of financial payables (current and non-current) and the fair value of financial debt hedging derivatives.