An ethical stance is what would be adopted by a calculating mind, after having done its sums properly.

Zygmunt Bauman

Diamond of values

The Diamond of Values fundamentally interconnects 9 Values on 3 Ethical Levels. The Ethics of Relationships is the foundation for the Ethics of Service, because quality services cannot be generated without quality relationships both inside and outside the organisation. The Ethics of Service in turns represents the fundamental basis for the Ethics of Value.

SEA’s capacity to generate long-term value is the result of its capacity to stay true to its mission, which has always been and remains that of guaranteeing a service in ways and forms that meet the expectations of the context in which it operates. Thus, for each single value, meritocracy cannot emerge in the absence of transparent relationships, team spirit is fuelled by respect and an overriding commitment to cooperation, and efficiency can only be achieved if it is pursued by an organisation focused on professional excellence and meritocracy.

Diamond of values

Ethical vision

SEA has identified the specific, distinctive characteristics of its value creation processes in: their alignment with the public good, through the management and development of airport infrastructure that acts as a gateway to the world for both people and cargo, bringing well-being and prosperity to the local community; the overriding focus on innovation, as the response of choice to the growing complexity characterising business operations, which raises business risk; the constant search for efficiency, in terms of the focus placed on the best use of company resources and the identification of the best conditions for their use. In pursuing this conception of value creation, SEA embraces an approach to the management of services centred on the cultivation of professional excellence, the consolidation and progressive expansion of meritocratic criteria in the assignment of roles and responsibilities within the organisation, the encouragement of a team spirit that inspires vision and cooperative solutions, both within the company system and in relationships with the general framework of reference. For SEA, the underlying bases of this business approach are grounded in the development of healthy relationships both within the organisation and between the organisation and its stakeholders, built effectively on respect, transparency and cooperation.


Ethical vision

Ethics of relationship

Respect and transparency are the most concrete and immediate embodiment of the ethics of relationships, forming the cornerstones that underpin the pact of trust between the company and its stakeholders. They are bridged by cooperation, which means pooling together our intelligence and sensibility in the scrupulous pursuit of the targets the company sets.

Ethics of service

The ethics underpinning our approach to service is grounded first and foremost in the constant cultivation of professional excellence. Such excellence is not produced spontaneously. Rather, it is a response to the care and attention dedicated to growing the organisation’s human capital, within a framework of meritocracy. The provision of a quality service draws nourishment from a participatory and joint approach to developing the stimuli that everyone (whether inside or outside the company) receives.Fostering a strong team spirit is fundamental, as it focuses awareness in all situations on the fact that objectives are achieved by thinking and working within a systemic approach.

Ethics of value

The value creation process in the company both depends on and feeds into the prosperity of the communities that revolve around our airports. The value of our company grows when it is tied to our ability to bring together demand and supply for air transport in the best way possible to satisfy the needs of the socio-economic system of which we are a part. All this embodies the public good that lies at the heart of our business, representing the continuing thread between the company’s past and future. A new horizon shaping our business is the focus on innovation, representing the approach of choice in responding to the trends transforming our sector. Then there is the need to emphasise the value of efficiency and definitively abandon the belief that a service of public interest can be provided effectively at any cost.