Supervision of the effectiveness, adequacy and maintenance of the Organisational and Management of SEA is the responsibility of the Supervisory Board.

The members of the Supervisory Board, currently in office, are:

  • two independent external professionals with experience in internal control, governance, legal or ethics Giovanni Maria Garegnani and Antonella Apicella;
  • the Head of the Auditing Department, Rossella De Bartolomeo;
  • one director without operational powers, Daniela Mainini.

Giovanni Maria Garegnani is the Chairman appointed by the Supervisory Board.

The composition, functioning, organisation and activity of the Board are governed by specific regulation, which is last amended on 27th July 2022 (IX Edition).


The Supervisory Board, with autonomous powers of initiative and control, as well as autonomous spending power, sends an half-yearly and annual written report to the Board of Directors on the state of implementation of the Model and, in particular, on the audits and verifications carried out and on any emerging problems and anomalies. 


To submit reports relating to the Organization and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, choose one of the following options:

Online report submission

Click here to access the reporting channel.

By letter

Supervisory Board pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/01
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