Starting from the end of 2010, SEA has developed an intervention system for assisting passengers who are stranded at the airport terminal due to particular operational events.

In the case of exceptional circumstances (heavy snow, multiple disruptions in flight connections, etc.) causing, for an extended period of time, a significant reduction in the airport's operating capacity with subsequent cancellations or delays of scheduled flights, SEA has implemented an Airport Passenger Contingency Plan which provides for a number of interventions addressing these situations.

SEA provides assistance to the passengers in key areas of the terminal where specifically trained personnel (about 80 volunteers from some of the company's non-operating areas) can support the passengers with information on the situation and provide available options.

At the airport, volunteers at the Airport Help Desk provide support to the passengers by distributing meal coupons (breakfast/snack/meals) and kits to families with babies (milk, wipes, diaper) and children (crayons and books). 

SEA has planned on the possibility, if necessary, to equip certain areas with cots and blankets for as many as 700 people.

For mothers with babies, there are some "Baby Pit Stop" areas available in the "Amiche" (Friends) rooms.

During the first year of implementation of the Airport Contingency Plan the perception of the passengers with regard to their airport experience in extraordinary events has significantly improved, in particular the perception of "abandonment", in critical situations, has declined from a 60% to a 15% rate.

Currently, the Milan airports are the only ones, together with the Munich airport, to have a structured intervention plan for assistance to those passengers who suffer the effects when airport operations are seriously compromised by weather, external social unrest (ex: air controllers strike), natural disasters, accidents.