The search for excellence in process management in SEA means not to settle for ourselves and to require to the company and to ourselves whatever is needed to constantly overcome our abilities.

Cultivating excellence means questioning quality and performance on an everyday basis, and adopting a conscious attitude to one’s duties which is geared towards the achievement of both individual and shared objectives. SEA aims to ensure excellence in its processes through:

  • The creation of both financial and public utility value, through management and development of efficient, functional,accessible and inclusive airport infrastructures.
  • Choices based on a careful assessment of environmental impacts and a commitment through research programs and international partnerships to identifying and designing innovative solutions to reduce the consumption of natural resources and limit emissions.
  • Focus on innovation as an elective response to the increasing complexity which characterizes the management of the business, and that increases Company risks.
  • The search for efficiency, meaning the best use of Company resources and identifying the best conditions to use them.