The Linate Airport Commission

In May 2009 the Linate Commission outlined a scenario for the rebalancing of the use of take-off routes at the airport in order to reduce the areas and population impacted compared to the situation in 2004, protecting also the most affected parties. The positive result during the experimentation with the new scenario and the improvement actions undertaken thanks to the contribution of SEA resulted in the Linate Airport Commission approving the noise zoning.

The Malpensa Airport Commission

The Malpensa Airport Commission is involved in the rebalancing of traffic, which significantly altered following the de-hubbing of Alitalia.

In September 2010 a scenario was adopted at the airport which allows an equal distribution of take-off traffic on the existing departure routes; significant positive results were also achieved, such as the absolute silence periods at regular intervals in the area, the shortening of a number of take-off routes with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions and the reduction in the change of use of runways. The new scenario therefore resulted in the improved efficiency of the airports in relation to safety, environment and overall airport efficiency.

In 2011 the Malpensa Airport Commission approved the introduction of “offsetting criteria” to rebalance the misalignment in relation to the percentage usage of runways used for take-off; in addition, the introduction of a new take-off route with the objective to further minimize impacts on the surrounding area is currently under review.