SEA gives great importance to thoughts and opinions of its target audience.


SEA gives great importance to the thoughts and opinions of its target audience. Stakeholders relations policies undertaken by the Group include tools for the understanding and involvement of stakeholders, through which the company gathers viewpoints, attitudes and evaluations regarding its profile placement, the satisfaction with services provided, the quality of relations with the public and related to development projects.

In recent years, SEA has increased the range of tools involving stakeholders in sustainable development policies.

Stakeholder engagement activities currently operate on 3 principal fronts:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys, carried out quarterly and targeting passengers and cargo operators, in pursuit of the quality objectives indicated in the respective “Services Charters”;
  • The annual survey of the “business sensitive” stakeholders (airlines, retailers, cargo operators, suppliers, public administrations, business community, credit institutions and media);
  • The multi-stakeholder workshop, carried out for the first time on March 7, 2012 and designed to be implemented annually to start a systematic dialogue with the main stakeholders in relation to innovation and development projects of the company and on the ways impacting competitive, social and environmental aspects.

The process of sustainability vision building, set up in the financial year 2012, has taken to an organic process of acquisition of internal stakeholders’ viewpoint through:

  • 13 interviews to the company management on sustainability items and their combination with the business of SEA;
  • 3 focus groups and a web discussion with employees, middle management and operational staff (60 units involved in focus groups, 15 in the web discussion);
  • A workshop for management (40 attendees both top and middle managers) dedicated to a benchmarking analysis regarding progress sustainability experiences led in international airports and the definition of priority sustainability actions supporting the achievement of SEA business challenges.