The SEA Group aims at

  • maintaining the current autonomy in water procurement through the use and management of an independent network of wells
  • guaranteeing high standards in the quality of the distributed water
  • ensuring the highest efficiency of the distribution networks
  • streamlining consumption levels
  • effectively managing water discharges
  • promoting recycling and reusage processes

Water procurement

The quantity of water pumped from the network's wells operating on the airport grounds of Malpensa and Linate is distributed and made available for the different types of consumption through efficient internal water networks. 

The consumption is continuously monitored and all necessary measures are adopted as required, in order to maximise the satisfaction of passengers, operators, institutions and in general of all the people who use airport services.

Water quality

SEA guarantees, in close cooperation with the control entities, a high quality level of the distributed waters, through a monitoring plan that provides for systematic controls applied to the chemical-physical characteristics of the waters pumped from the wells and distributed to the different types of users.

At both airports, the results obtained from analyses, carried out periodically, confirm the positive levels of the results in respect to the legal limits (refer to the two graphs to be inserted.


As regards water discharges, periodic analyses and control activities are performed in order to guarantee full compliance with applicable laws.

The composition of the water discharges derives from three main processes:

  • draining of surface rainwater
  • management and control of any fuel spillage
  • collection and disposal of effluent waters